Bioinformatics Series
2017.02.10, Lecture3: Basic rules of 16S/ITS design, and mapping file template; Slide    Template
2017.01.13, Lecture2: Visualize 16S/ITS data; download directory: /170113_Rplot
2017.01.05, Lecture1: Visualize transcriptome and epigenome data; download directory:/170105_Epi

Computational Biology Series
2017.01.20, Lecture2: Entropy--brief intro to the maximum entropy principle; download directory: /170120Entropy
2017.01.05, Lecture1: Markov Model & HMM; download directory: /170105HMM

2017.02.10: Chinese Academy of Sciences - John Innes Centre, Centre of Excellence for Plant and Microbial Science issues “CEPAMS responsible research conduct policy”.Download

2016.09.16: Clustering software -- Usearch, recommend read all manuals, especially about UPPARSE, OTU, and Taxonomy.

2016.09.01: Microbial Ecology software -- QIIME, carefully read and think 16S and ITS pipeline of tutorial (Tutorials), and description of scripts also recommended.

2016.08.16: R course -- Coursera, The Johns Hopkins University, R Programming.

2016.08.01: Python course -- Coursera, University of Michigan, Python getting started.

2016.07.16: Recommend paper download website -- SCIHub.

2016.07.01: Recommend agent software Lantern, more stable access Google Scholar, support Windows, Mac, Ubuntu & Android.

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